Budget Summary Balance Column

I do not understand a descrepancy in the budget Summary Balance column. The top row lists the total budget, expenses and balance for each month. The right most colum titled 2019 Summary Balance is not the sum total Balance for each of the 12 months. I did a spread sheet and the total of all the top row monthly balances is equal to the bottom row Total line in the 2019 Summary Balance Column. Here is where it gets wierd. When I total up all the individual row's balance as listed in the 2019 Summary Balance column, that agrees with the top row summary balance which as I noted is different from the same number in the same column's bottom row. I feel they should be equal. I have checked and rechecked column math and it all checks out. To summarize then the question is why are the two amounts on the top row and bottom row different in the 2019 Summary Column when there is no difference between the two rows for each individual month. I understand this might be confusing which is why I wanted to be clear in which column and row the descrepancy exists.


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    I suspect you may have included more than one group in the budget.

    The top row specific to a group.  For example, Personal Expenses.  
    The bottom row is the total for all groups in the budget.  For example, Personal Expenses and Detailed Loan Payments.
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