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In QMac2007, I was able to create a budget and then print out either the whole year with the net income/loss at the end. This allowed my wife and to tweak things to balance the budget. It also allowed us to do it on paper before we committed it to the computer. I was also able to show where were were each month and/ or each quarter with dollar amounts so we could track how we were doing and adjust accordingly. In this version, I have not figured out a way to print something like that. I can print 3, 4, 6, or microscopic 12 months but these views to not appear to show a summary amount for each time interval (quarter, 5 months if I chose or year long.

If I look at 1-Month, it appears to default to December 2020. Looking at the month it does not show dollars but rather bar charts without a hierarchy. Categories are slightly bolder but it becomes an endless stream since we use many categories, sub-cats and sub-sub cats.

I guess there are two questions:
1) How can I print on feb 10th how we did in January or on April 15, how we did for the first quarter with a budget summary for the selected time period. Actually, I would like to be able to define the interval but I will settle for less.
2) How can I print the budget that I created so we can take notes on paper before we edit the document. Edit budget creates a nice view but I do not see any other way to print it unless I do a bunch of screen shots.

I may be expecting too much of this program. I may just have to go back to Q2007
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  • Paul Kleeberg
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    Darn. I type a long response, click answered my question and my response disappears! This is the third time I have done that!

    Yes, exporting the CSV will work. It will be rather easy for me to create a sum of the budget columns for a quarter the sum of the actual columns for a quarter and then create a column that has the difference of those two.

    As I said in my original message, the print option of the budget creates a print out that is unreadable. I could probably create something similar using the CSV file and deleting the actual's. I can also create a year end summary: using the same method I mentioned above.

    Thanks for your message. Looking forward to product improvements. Sad it cannot do something like this which is really so simple.
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