How to change backup directory from cloud to laptop

I just replaced daughter's laptop and loaded Quicken on it after transferring files from old to new laptop. Quicken updated to current release and opened the file from restored My Documents\Quicken.

When I went to leave/backup, I got a no space error. It seems that she was doing her backup to the Microsoft Cloud. I went to the File->Backup & Restore->Backup a Quicken File and Change; to a the laptop drive ( I do a daily file save to an external drive). It took the change butwhen I said Save but did not change to destination directory. It is stuck on the cloud.

How do I change the backup directory?

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    Then, in blue on right of this window, click on "Open backup directory"
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    Hi @John_L ,

    See this FAQ:

    You haven't mentioned the Quicken information, as to which Quicken you loaded.

    For Windows versions, the Automatic Backups always go to the sub-folder of the Quicken Data Folder.

    Manual Backups have no set folder to back up to.

    To do a Manual Backup, click File > Backup and Restore > Back up Quicken File

    Click Change to Change the Backup Destination. Manual Backups are usually located off the Main Hard Drive.
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