We cannot find any quicken backups past June.

I wrote down where the backups go but I can’t access the file. C\Users\eduga\Downloads\. Then it has some numbers followed by !App\Dropbox2017. How can I find these files so I can restore my Quicken?

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  • The Keeper
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    The default save location for backup files is
     C:\Users\[your name]\Documents\

    If you are trying to restore your Quicken data, you can do so by selecting your most recent backup.

    I am guessing that your only backup is the Quicken default backup location -or- perhaps you didn't know Quicken automatically backs up your data when you exit Quicken and you created your own backup location on your computer which you now cannot find.

    The rule of thumb is, if you only have one backup source, your files are not backed up properly. If you are only relying on the backup on your computer to restore data files you are you are going to be in a world of hurt if your computer crashes and you can't retrieve your data files. It appears that is what you are now experiencing since you can't access your file.
    In addition to the Quicken backup folder on my computer, I also backup to a thumb drive, an external hard drive, and to dropbox. (call me paranoid)  It is unlikely that all four sources are going to fail at the same time.
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