Fidelity core account & cash balances

Most of my Fidelity brokerage accounts, after download, began with a core account balance of zero (FDRXX - Fidelity Cash Reserves).

Later purchases of securities show as reducing the zero share balance of FDRXX (to negative values).

So I receive an error when reconciling that reports the Quicken balance for FDRXX does not agree with Fidelity. For example, a common example might show -1000 shares in Quicken for FDRXX, with a cash balance of $1000. Both the FDRXX balance and should be zero.

How did things get this way, and what is the best way to fix it? In the example in the previous paragraph, I believe FDRXX SHOULD have begun with a balance of $1000 (1000 shares), but I don't understand why the download didn't create this entry.

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