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I have used Quicken 2017 for a long time and went to the 2020 version last week, since then I see a dramatic slowness.
What I found interesting that it seems like the old code for 2017 stays on the Windows machine
Under ProgramData I have 2 folder, Intuit (old 2017) and a Quicken folder (now 2020 version).
I did not uninstall Quicken before I installed the 2020 version. Should I have done this?

I saw the recommendation to install the test build but I am hesitant.
Do folks generally uninstall first and then install new versions?

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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    I'm still using Quicken 2017 and it does still use Intuit in the folder path. You can delete any Intuit/Quicken folder. Beware that Intuit programs such as TurboTax still use Intuit in the folder path.
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  • mlinsin
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    OK, so here is an update.
    I went through a complete removal of my old Quicken 2017 copy (using Remove apps and also the QCleanUI - Clean Uninstall tool.
    Renamed old folder, restarted the computer, installed the official 2020 version (not the test version) and things are much better now, speed and performance is back to normal, Online Account Updates work without a problem.
    I hope it stays this way!!!
    Still disappointing that I had to spend 4-5 hours sorting out this mess
  • splasher
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    I never have understood why the QCleanUI instructions state to rename the folders because I have never seen anything in writing that states to rename them back if something doesn't work correctly.
    I have always deleted the folders and I would advise you to delete them also to get rid of unneeded old stuff.

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