Portfolio Value columns don't add correctly

When I run a PV report for all my investment accounts the totals for each account match what's on the main Quicken screen.....within $0.02 anyway. Except for one account. That account is off by $7,919.12. i reviewed each line and the numbers for each security match. However, the total for Gain/Loss and Balance are off by the noted amount on the PV report. This occurs whether I use a previously saved report or create a brand new one. it happened when I was just using Quicken Premier 2017 and it happens now that I'm on the subscription service. The two columns are just not adding correctly for just the one account. Weird.

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  • UKR
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    Check the Price History for the securities in this account. Are there any outlier prices recorded in the history, i.e., prices too low, zero or too high? Delete those and see if that's what causes it. Also look for price history records dated in the future.
  • TGSmith300
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    Hi SKR and thanks for the reply. The individual stocks themselves show correctly. (There's 18 in this particular portfolio with many years of price history on some of them.) The two columns, Gain/Loss and Balance, don't add up to what's being shown. And, the total is showing right on the "main" Quicken screen.
  • TGSmith300
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    My apologies....UKR not SKR. :smile:
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