Why is one of my Investment Account balances on the Account Balances Rpt double the actual amount?

On the Account Balances Report I have 12 Investment Accounts. The totals for 11 of the accounts match exactly what the Holdings indicate. The other account is double what the Holdings indicate. Any suggestions?

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  • ChicagoGuy
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    You troubleshoot it. You may have duplicate transactions. Suggest you create an Account Balance report showing the account balance for each of the the last several years. Find when the balance starts being off and go examine the transactions involved
  • volvogirl
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    Could that account also have a cash balance for the same amount?

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • THarwood
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    Thank you for your response. As it turns out, the actual difference is not quite double, but the difference is exactly the amount of cash I received from the sale of a security earlier in the year. The security was 'added' 'Xfr' from an existing account to a new investment account, then sold to purchase multiply securities. The current cash balance is minimal at this time. Any suggestions on what to do?
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @THarwood

    Thank you for that additional information.  May I ask, is it possible that there may be a placeholder causing the difference that needs to be resolved?

    If you aren't sure, please review the information here and here and let us know if it helps to resolve the difference.

    Thank you,

  • THarwood
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    No placeholder present.
    Thanks again for you response

  • THarwood
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    I appear to have resolved the issue. I had accepted the transactions in the order in which they were downloaded from my broker. (Remember that this was a newly created investment account). So the account looked like this
    1. Aug 15 - Opening Cash Balance ---$0.00
    2. Aug 19 - Security 'A' Bought --- negative cash balance
    3. Aug 19 - Security 'B" Added/Xfer -- still negative cash balance
    4. Aug 19 - Security 'B' Sold -- positive cash balance

    To resolve the issue I:
    A. Changed the date on #3 to Aug 16--- cash balance still $0.00
    B. Changed the date of #4 to Aug 18 -- positive cash balance
    C. Made no change to #2 --- still a positive cash balance.

    There is probably a better way to correct this, but this worked and I am satisfied with the outcome.

    I appreciate the time you have taken to investigate this issue. If you come up with what you think might be a better solution, I would be happy to be you guinea pig to see if it works


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