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"Detailed Loan Payment" mortgage amt. correct on budget actual but not budget repor - Why?

Actual monthly mortgage payment (Principal+Interest+Taxes+Insurance} amount is generated correctly using "Detailed Loan Payments" on the budget ACTUAL column. However, a different, smaller, number shows up on the Budget Report. I use the budget report to review monthly actual vs. budget numbers so need that to be correct, can't understand why it would be different.

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  • PedroCGPedroCG Member
    Sorry, should have mentioned that the ACTUAL amount shown in the Budget is the correct PITI amount. The ACTUAL amount shown in the Budget Report excludes principal. When I set up the budget using "Detailed Loan Amount" for the budget payment amount, I'm expecting that to show up in the Budget Report as well.
  • PedroCGPedroCG Member
    Sherlock, your suggestion resolved this issue, thank you.
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