Multiple transactions for single security

Hello. In previous versions of QWin (Quicken 2017 Premier), the Security Name field in a transaction template remained populated with the Security Name after a transaction was entered so that it was easy to enter multiple transactions of a single security. For example, if I entered a sale of shares of company XYZ, when I entered that transaction, a new template would appear with the Security Name populated with company XYZ. Now, under the latest version of QWin Premier (Subscription), upon entering the first transaction for XYZ, the new template appears but the Security Name is blank. Can others confirm the same behavior? Is there any switch in Settings that will keep the Security name populated? Thanks.

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  • Thank you very much for your response. As an aside, before I reached out to the community, I engaged in a chat with Quicken Support. In addition to not being able to understand the english syntax the support rep was using, he was totally nonresponsive to the issue. A complete waste of time. Next time I have a question, I'll come directly to the Community. Thanks again.
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