How can you assign a Category to a Split Total

I am trying to set up a report to track my Soc Soc benefits, my deposits.

I enter the Gross amount on a Split transaction as a Gross category, then subtract out the Part B category amount and the Part D category amount (these 3 categories used in a report) - and the resulting total is the amount Deposited in my account (the Split transaction Total) - but I cannot figure out how to get a Deposited Category assigned to this Split Total.

I can/did insert in the Split transaction a positive deposited amount (with a Deposited category) followed by a negative deposited amount to cancel the positive out - and that works, but was hoping there was a better way.

ron in kansas


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    Are you trying to track something like "Net Soc Sec received"?
    Sorry, but you can't do that with categories if you're also tracking Gross minus individual deductions.
    If you want a report for "How much did I receive from Soc Sec, net?" try a Transaction Report, filtered to show only the "Soc Sec" Payee Name.
    Or try under Reports / Easy Answer / How much did I pay to ... again selecting your Soc Sec payee name. (OK, the report says "how much I pay to", but it also works for Income payees.)
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