How do I include Cash Accounts in the Lifetime Planning tool?

I have several investment accounts that I set up as Cash Accounts in Quicken because I simply adjusted the monthly balance of these accounts instead of using Brokerage accounts and downloading much more detail than I wanted. I have used these cash accounts for many years and recreating them as brokerage and 401k accounts is not a reasonable option.

I haven't figured out how to include them in the Savings or Investing section of the Lifetime Planning tool and it doesn't seem possible. Cash accounts seem to be excluded from use in this tool.

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :(

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  • hub0847
    hub0847 Member ✭✭
    Very simple solution, thank you Sherlock. Obviously I overlooked the solution that was right in front of my face. I just started to create a new Savings account for which I just cut and pasted all the transactions in one shot. That would not have been too much trouble but showing me the proper fix is much appreciated.
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