Quicken file is 83MB, would it help to make it smaller.

I have been using quicken for over 25 years. By backup file is over 83MB. quicken is staring to run very slow. What is the best way to either delete transactions or have my backup file smaller?


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    My Q data file, as measured by Q itself is over 81MB, and I'm not having any performance issues.  Do HELP and hold down the CTRL key while you click About Quicken to see Q's value for file size.
    SO, let's explore possible remedies to the performance issue.
    1) Try doing FILE, Save a Copy as ... and see if the copy has better performance.
    2) Try VALIDATING you file. After the copy step above, do FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair.  Be sure to click "Validate File" and "Rebuild Investing Lots" (if present) before you click OK.
    3) Do you attach receipts/etc to your Q data file?  That causes incredible file bloat with a trivial benefit since the images can only be viewed from within Q.  Consider using a document manager (such as PaperPort) instead.
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    EDIT - updated the topic title from your username, to better reflect actual Q&A -
    The backup file is a copy of the Quicken Data File - or the QDF file - so we'll ignore the "backup" wording as per the discussion above
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