find/search is truncating memo data in split transactions

how do i report this problem? i am a volunteer (1 year term) handling books for a nonprofit who has many years worth of data in Quicken (using 2017 currently) - sometimes the only way to figure out where money has been spent is to search - because copious notes have been logged in the memo lines. JUST realized that i was missing a chunk of transactions - because the find tools only look at the 1st 30 characters of the memo lines in split transactions. (even though a full 64 or 65 characters fit in the memo line) - the search would seem to look at the full memo in the parent transaction but stops at the 30th character in splits. is this a setting? or a bug?

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  • @Quicken_Sarah, is this something that can go in the dev queue to be fixed? thank you!
  • note: that i just went thru the process of capturing the screen & trying to submit a trouble report thru quicken help (3 times) and got Unable to send Report to Quicken - please try again. this seems like a REALLY easy bug to fix. the suggested workaround (register search) does seem to work (which is AWESOME!) but doesn't make up for the fact that over the years i have made budgeting and reimbursement decisions based on searches that were flawed. Now that i know i won't make those mistakes going forward, but that's just me. no doubt there are others out there encountering this problem unbeknownst to them. as for me i have been using quicken for 25 years! not sure if this is a new problem or has been there all 25 years - but i only just found it which is concerning.