Corrupt Category list in Report Customization Window

I searched for this subject but did not see any previous posts mentioning this. I'm wondering if anyone else has this same problem.

I've used Quicken for quite a few years so I can say this never occurred until I believe about version 2016. At that time I noticed an issue with the category selection list in the report customization window and it still occurs today in the subscription version. As I scroll down the category list in this window to include or exclude specific categories in the report, Quicken shuffles categories in the outline level to the right. Meaning, for example, a category that is actually an outline level two item gets shuffled to the right as an outline level three category under what is actually the level two item preceding it in the ACTUAL category list. Unfortunately it drags all outline level two items (and their sub-items) that come after it along with it. Worse yet this seem to compound itself and scrolling down to the end of the category list-- categories have been erroneously moved so far into outline levels (like 8 to 10 levels deep) that they are no longer even visible in the small category list window. I do not even have ACTUAL categories that deep in the outline structure. I can't see which category is which and there is no right/left scroll bar to let me see what has erroneously been moved too far to the right to be visible.

This occurs only in the category choice list in the report customization window. It does not occur in the main/actual Category List where one creates and manages categories.

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