Printing reports preview window is very lame!

I use 'Reports' in Quicken for Windows quite often. It is a fabulous feature, except when it comes time to print. The print preview window produces a tiny squiggle in perhaps one-eighth of the page, and cannot be made to display the file realistically, like it would look on the printed page. My printer would faithfully reproduce a tiny unreadable blot on a small area of the page, but couldn't be made to print properly in full size.

A Quicken agent helped me 'reset and repair all printers' File Operations -> Validate and Repair to make the printer behave and print the pages properly. However, the preview display still shows the tiny squiggles in a very unrealistic miniature. I have to hold my breath and hope that the page will print properly each time I send this silly thing to my printer.

I was told there's no cure for this. This is a very unacceptable glitch in the Quicken program that needs to be fixed.

Anyone else have this issue, or is it just me?


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    Apparently others  do.  See this.

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    There are several issues at play here:

    1. The print preview (but not actual printing) is affected by the Windows "Size of text, apps, and other items" setting. This is in the Windows Display settings, and must be set to 100% for the print preview to work correctly. Note that this may make the fonts in Quicken unacceptably small.

    2. Both the preview and the printed text are affected by the font size selections in the report setup, as they should be.

    3. In some reports the default column widths are smaller than they should be, and if you adjust the widths, the settings are not currently saved when you save the report.

    4. As far as I know the "Page Scaling" setting in the report print setup only works with the Quicken PDF printer. 
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