Why does the shrink windows screen size to half of the display size not work

Just installed Quicken 2020 and I used to be able on Quicken 2016 to shrink the screen size to half the display size with the icons in upper right hand corner as you could with any Windows program, that way I could put Fidelity web site side by side with Quicken 2016 to verify my account shares total, prices, and such.

However, Quicken 2020 does not allow me to shrink the size with the icons, it just blinks the menu bar.

Anyone else have this problem with Quicken 2020 version R23.21 build

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit


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  • ours
    ours Member ✭✭
    Has the problem with the "screen shrink" not working been addressed? Is there an answer?
  • ours
    ours Member ✭✭
    Nothing happens when I click the "screen shrink".