Still chasing reconciliation

I have a longstanding Quicken account that is in balance with the bank but dates back to forever. I had a recent data file loss and reconstructed up to my last backup 6 months previously (another story).

The account balances are current but the history of cleared, etc., items is off I’m sure and I’m struggling to make this reconcile. Is there a any way to restart reconciliation? I I let Quicken correct the balance I’m worried the ancient uncleared items, etc., will throw things off.



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    If we want to start reconciling a register from scratch, we only need edit all of the Reconciled transactions in the register so that they are no longer Reconciled.  Similarly, if we want to declare a register as reconciled because the account is in balance with the bank and current, we only need edit all of the transactions in the register so they are all Reconciled.  

    A few tricks you may find useful:  
    • To group the Reconciled transactions together in a register, left-click on the Clr column title.
    • To select a range of transactions in a register, left-click on the first transaction in the range and press Shift and left-click on the last transaction in the range.
    • To edit the selected transactions, right-click and select Edit transaction(s)

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