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Can't change the name of the Payee on a transaction

WADataguy Member
I'm using QM 2017. For some adjusting entries from the reconciliation process, I have always changed the name of the Payee to be more meaningful after I accept the adjusting entry. A few months ago, in some accounts, Quicken started reverting the name change that I make. Workarounds are possible, but more time consuming. Why would Quicken not let me change the Payee name?

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The Reconcile Adjustment is a reserved payee/category with special status. This is mainly to keep it from showing up in reports. This is the reason Quicken won't allow you to tamper with the payee name.

    If you really wish to do so, you would have to manually (re)create the transaction and delete the Quicken generated one. Then it will be a plain old transaction that will show up in reports, etc.
  • WADataguy
    WADataguy Member
    It doesn't seem logical that the payee is protected in one retirement account, but not in another, and is also not protected in a brokerage account. And did it just become protected in October of 2019 (for Quicken 2017)?
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