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I transferred shares between accounts using the transfer option and one account correctly shows the remove shares transaction and the other account correctly show the add shares transaction. However the portfolio view still shows the shares in the first account and nothing in the second. I have successfully used this transaction before. I restored to a back up and tried it again selecting lots but with the same outcome.
Any ideas?
BTW, If anyone from Quicken reads this your chat support was less than useless. First telling me that no transfer is possible, then when I pointed out this was untrue, the agent had no understanding of how share are recorded and transacted in the register and would not pass me to someone that did.

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  • RickO
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    Is the "Price and Holdings as of" option set to a date after the date of the remove/add transactions? 

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  • IT
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    Thanks for your response. Yes it is set to after the date of the transfer and the portfolio is still wrong.
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    Thank you this fixed the problem however there is a bug. The placeholder had a date in 2015 showing missing costs while all the transaction connected to the sharesI was transferring took place in the last two weeks and had costs recorded. I deleted the place holder entries and the problem resolved itself.
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