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Business Expense vs Business Services?

Hi, Why do we have the two categories: Business Expense vs Business Services? These all seem like business expenses to me. What am I missing? When do I use one versus the other?


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  • mikeallen7
    mikeallen7 Member ✭✭
    > @John_in_NC said:
    > Those categories are really more of a suggested starting point for new users. Feel free to edit/delete/add as you see fit.
    > You can go to Window: Categories to edit them. 

    Thanks for the reply!

    So, from a profit and tax calculation perspective, I can merge them with no impact? Out of curiosity, what was the thought process behind have two categories?

    Thanks, again!
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Are both of those Expense categories?
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