Adobe Acrobat license error

Does anyone get a message about your Adobe Acrobat license when trying to print a pdf version of your bank reconciliation?

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  • The printer I am using is Adobe PDF on Documents\*.pdf. I have always used this printer. This just started happening a few days ago. It has not happened before. I also got the same message when I was trying to print a pdf reconciliation report out of QuickBooks??
  • Changing to Microsoft Print to PDF worked. However, I do not know why I had to change.
  • Jim_Harman
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    That sounds like your Adobe license has expired, nothing to do with Quicken.

    Can you print to that printer from other applications, Word for example?
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  • I am on the Adobe plan where I pay monthly for its use. Sometimes I have trouble with Adobe. I do not know why. I just had the same problem with QuickBooks so I guess it was an Adobe problem. Thanks for your input.
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