Investment Transactions Cash Balance Error

:# Anyone else getting the wrong Cash Balance on the Investment Transactions Report It looks like it is incorrectly overstating the Cash Balance when there are Reinvestment Dividends transactions.

My perception is this is a bug, but not sure how to get it resolved.


  • Jim_Harman
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    The "Cash" column in the Investment Transactions report is not supposed to show a running cash balance the way the "Cash Bal" in the account's transaction list (register) does.

    It also does not show the impact of the transaction on the cash balance of your account the way the "Cash Amt" column in the transaction list does. 

    It shows the dollar amount for that transaction, so both dividends received as cash and reinvested dividends will show as positive numbers in this report. It is the contribution of the transaction to the _DivInc Category.

    Note also that the "Amount invested" in this report is not the same as the "Amount invested" column in the Investing > Portfolio views, but that is a topic for another discussion.
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  • JWW123
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    Jim, I am specifically referring to the column totals at the end of the report. The Cash Total is incorrect and it seems to correlate to the reinvested dividends. This is why I think this is a bug.

    I agree with your statement the column doesn't represent a running cash balance.

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