All investment transactions were not transferred after upgrading from Q17 to Q20


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    I upgraded from Q2017 to latest version 2020 R.20.23. Problem is that all investment transactions were not transfered into the latest file format leaving some 276 pages of investment data that would need to be reentered manually, some of which predates the data that is recorded at my financial institution (ie greater than 7 years old). There is no method provided by Quicken to transfer my Q2017 transactions into this later subscription version.

    Quicken Technical support is unable to help.
    Previous versions of Quicken for Windows allowed me to update my Quicken version without the loss of my transaction data, needed to create a correct cost basis for my open investments.

    I am very disappointed that this feature is not supported in the latest version of Quicken.

    Why are we paying a yearly subscription fee to lose this all important feature that previously worked in Q2017?

    It is requested that Quicken address this program limitation, which is basic to maintaining access to your Quicken Data Guarantee.
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    Hello @ksb1

    Thank you for taking the time to post your issue to the Community although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to review the information and steps available here and attempt the conversion once more.

    To clarify, the Quicken Data Access Guarantee does not apply to convert data to a different version of Quicken. 

    The Quicken Data Access Guarantee means that whether you renew your subscription or not, you'll always have full access to and ownership of your data. You can view, edit, export, and manually enter transactions and accounts, even after your subscription ends.  As always, your Quicken data is stored on your local computer.

    Unfortunately, a smooth conversion can not be guaranteed and results may vary.

    Let us know if you have better success in converting a second time.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka
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    > You said: "I upgraded from Q2017 to latest version 2020 R.20.23"
    My records do not show this release number anywhere. You are missing several important software updates.

    1) Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly.

    What is the exact release number for your version of Quicken?
    If clicking on Help / About Quicken does not show one of the following you are missing required software updates.

    Quicken US version:

    - 2017 ... Release R 19.7 *,
    - 2018 ... users with an active subscription were upgraded to 2019 when installing the R 14.23 patch released 10/8/2018 or any later patch

    - 2019 … users with an active subscription were upgraded to 2020 when installing the R 23.14 patch released on or about 11/5/2019 or any later patch
    - 2020 ... Release R 24.11 *,

    Quicken Canada version:

    - 2017 ... users with an active subscription should have been upgraded to 2018 already
    - 2018 ... users with an active subscription were upgraded to 2019 when installing the R 15.24 patch or any later patch

    - 2019 ... users with an active subscription were upgraded to 2020 when installing the R 22.11 patch released on or about 11/11/2019 or any later patch
    - 2020 ... Release R 22.15 *,

    ( * minimum required release number, may be higher, subject to change without notice)

    Please do this even if you are on the latest release already:
    Locate the US or Canada Mondo Patch file applicable to your version of Quicken in the links above.
    Download it and save it to disk.
    Open the Downloads folder. Right-click the downloaded patch file. Click "Run as Administrator" to execute the installation program.
    This will replace any Quicken software modules with a known consistent release level and, hopefully, eliminate any software corruption or errors during installation as a cause of this issue.

    Reboot Windows when done with the above and try Quicken again.

    2) Restore your Quicken data file from a Manual or Automatic Backup taken prior to installing Q 2020, if necessary going back to older backups until you find a file that is not missing any transactions.

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