I do annual accounting on PC windows, for the 2nd year I can not find the last year (yr 2018)

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I save to flash drive, every time the question z'choose a location to save your restored file"
I do not know how to answer that question.
#2 I can not find last year's posting (yr 2018)


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    help me save, restore and find last years work
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    Do I understand that you're creating a new Q data file for each calendar year?
    That's a bad idea, and unnecessary, as Q's reports can easily be filtered to only select particular date ranges (Last Month, Last Week, Last Quarter, Last year, or a completely custom date range).
    And, WHERE are you storing your actual Q Data File?  It will have a file name that ends in .QDF.  The STRONGLY recommended location is in a Quicken folder underneath your Documents folder.
    Lastly, are you doing a RESTORE of your Q data file from the Flash drive to your hard drive every time you start Q?  That would be a LOT of unnecessary work.

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