Certain transactions don't show up on my Category Summary report

This report just doesn't pick up some transactions both income and expense. So it doesn't balance and as a result is just not useful.

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  • feivel
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    Is it not showing the transactions, or is the transaction amount listed as $0? I just spoke with customer service and in version 5.14 for Mac there is a glitch they are working on where the transactions are pulling, but showing a $0 transaction amount. What version are you using? If this is the issue, go to Help->Report a Problem. This will help quicken fix the glitch as soon as possible.
  • jacobs
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    I'd strongly recommend not using the old Category Summary report at all anymore. It's an old report which is a carryover from the predecessor 2010-era Quicken Essentials product, it hasn't been updated with all the features of the new reports engine, and it is known to have bugs which sometimes cause incomplete data in the reports. I'm hoping the developers will remove Category summary from the Reports menu in the near future, since it causes more problems and confusion than it helps nowadays.

    Instead, explore the options you have with the three types of Create Report options on the Report menu.
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  • Burleson
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    Thank you both for these responses. I am getting the $0 for transactions on both the canned Category Summary report and also when I create a "Create Summary Report." This just makes the reports unusable because you have to cross reference every line item to find the ones that are missing. I need the summary reports just so I can sort by category and get subtotals for my tax and other needs. I used this forever in the Windows version but have been frustrated since converting over to Quicken for Mac. Thanks again for your help. I will report this to Quicken and hope for a fix!
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