How can I access Quicken document is it a Mac or Quicken problem?

...quicken2017 could not be opened An unexpected error occurred while opening the document.

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  • ulfg
    ulfg Member ✭✭
    The idea hit as soon as I posted the question and it worked Thanks for your answer which confirms I found a workable solution.
  • mtargets
    mtargets Member
    ulfg, may I ask, what was your workable solution? I have the same problem. Thanks!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @mtargets  Let's start from scratch here so we don't make incorrect assumptions that send us down the wrong road. (The original question above was about Quicken Mac 2017.)

    You're using Quicken Mac? Which version?
    Have you been using it previously, or are you new to Quicken Mac?
    Are you converting from an older version of Quicken?
    What version of macOS are you running?

    Now, describe what you're trying to do and exactly what happens.
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