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I've been using QWIN for 10+ years. As an experiment, a year ago I started running QMAC in parallel with QWIN. The conversion program was great and keeping the two in sync on a daily basis is relatively easy. I've been very surprised at how complete and user-friendly QMAC is. As two examples, things like reconciliation and reports are much more complete than they are in QWIN. In fact, I find lots of the QMAC features much easier to use. My goal is to eventually get off of QWIN and just use QMAC.

The one feature that I really need is to have my Fidelity Brokerage linked checking account work in QMAC the way it does in QWIN. I've developed a work around that involves a lot of deleting and/or moving of cash transactions but it's pretty error prone. So I'm asking for some consideration in the product development. I know that this would make lots of other users happy as well. Seems like a relatively easy change to me.

Anyway, thank you in advance and keep up the great work. A vast improvement from the Intuit days!


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    "Linked Checking Accounts" for QMac have been requested for years.  IF such is in the works and WHEN such might actually occur is unknown ... as we're other users.
    Also, IF such a feature was even in testing stage, the Beta testers have signed "Non-Disclosure Agreements" and couldn't talk about such.
    re: Reports.   Your comment is a bit odd, because we get complaints all of the time about QMac not having reports that exist in QWin.
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    Perhaps "complete" was a poor choice of words. What I meant is that I find setting up and maintaining my required reports (which are mostly tax-related) much easier in QMAC than I do in QWIN. This is possibly because I have always run QWIN on a Mac using Parallels Desktop Software (which can introduce its own interface problems). It's also undoubtedly because QMAC was rewritten quite recently whereas QWIN has been around for a long time and has been patched and repatched.
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