Where is "Investing Activities"?

Where is "Investing Activities" to add Scheduled Investment transaction

I want to add a scheduled investment transaction. I invest with Worthy Bonds and get interest every three days and would like it added automatically.

I've seen many old posts about creating a Scheduled Transaction Group. Many say to "Click 'Investing' in the menu at the top of the main Quicken window. Click 'Investing Activities'"

However, I can't find "Investing Activities". Can someone point me to where it is?

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    Thank you both for the tips. It seems either method will work.

    I didn't realize Income Reminders could be set for investments.

    And on the Scheduled Transaction Group, the Investment was grayed out....until I followed what you said and chose that investment account and it wasn't gray anymore.

    As noted, it doesn't have every three days. So I'll setup maybe once weekly, and have it twice, and then manually adjust the date.

    Appreciate the help.
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