How do I sort a report by dates?

I created a report showing outstanding payments with columns for the date of the payment, the check number or a bank reference or other lettered reference for electronic payments, payee and amount of each payment. The report is sorting on the number/other reference column and I want to sort the report on the date column. In the report view, I tried to click on "Date" but the report does not resort (I'm unable sort by clicking on other columns as well). I cannot locate anything in the Customize section to change sorting options. Any ideas?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    edited January 2020
    What standard report did you start with?

    The Banking > Transaction report has a Sort by selection box at the top right.
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  • ssmith4154
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    I started with Banking>Missing Checks in order to show uncleared payments. It appears that the report does not have a sort option. I see the sort option in some of the other reports, but not in Missing Checks.
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