Transactions in budget categories not showing exp or inc

I have transactions that are actually showing up in the budget, but the amount is not shown against the budgeted amount.
The category is the same on the transaction as on the budget.
I am using Windows Deluxe 2019
Tried attaching a snip, but there is no option to do so.

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  • jacknife76
    Trying to drop in a snip. Hope it works!
    1.png 27.7K
  • jacknife76
    This is the case for several transactions, including my salary.
    All transactions show up like the above pic for each budget category, but not all of them are shown against that category. So the $spent/$budgeted has in incorrect $spent.
    With income, it shows all transactions in the log, but only one line shows up towards income. There are currently 6 line items.
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