Can/how I remove one account to transfer to some else?

I am a retiring treasurer of a non-profit youth organization and have the account on my computer. How do I separate it from my other accounts and transfer it to the new treasurer?

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    Your financial information is kept in a data file, not the program.
    You can create as many different Quicken data files as you need, so, as a lesson learned, you should never have added the organization's account into the file with your personal financial information.
    Explaining this further, if you should happen to need to track your elderly parent's records or a child's, they should be in separate files.  You do not want to combine information of different taxable entities in the same file.

    Adding to Greg_the_Geek's advice, after you have copied the file and deleted the unwanted information (your personal info), you should do:
    File->File Operations->Copy to copy the file at the record level and thus completely purge it of any of your information since Quicken does not reduce the overall size of the file when doing the account deletes, it just makes the space available for future use without expanding the file's size.

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