Graphing of security price in Security Detail View

Was wondering if anyone knew the rules used to set price limits in the Security Detail view graph. I track the spot price of various precious metals and noticed that the graphs for the price of silver Maple Leafs differed significantly from the graph for silver Eagles, even though the prices were very close to each other. What I mean by "significantly" is that the Eagle graph ranged from $21.00 to $20.00 while the Maple Leaf graph ranged from $22.00 to $10.00. Then today, when I entered today's Eagle prices, the graph range jumped to $22.00 - $10.00. As I looked, it was because the Eagle price dipped below $20.

Why is there such an arbitrary threshold for graph values? To me, it seems MUCH more logical to set the limits to +/- 10% (or some other value) of the max/min values of the requested graph time range. That way, you can actually see variations in the data instead of a very rough trend based on a capricious decision. Thanks!


  • Jim_Harman
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    I agree the vertical axis ranges in the Security Detail view appear to be random and arbitrary.

    It would certainly be nice if you could set the max and min values, or if they are automatic, at least the rules should be explicit and consistent.
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