Transaction History and Lot Share Balance does not Match

Only for 1 Lot in my 401k, the transaction amount does not match the lot amount. For the earliest lot, it is based on a transaction of buying 53.343 shares. In the same lot, it keeps reporting as 52.944 shares. I have went into the transaction history and made sure that it is entered as 53.343 shares, but the lot keeps showing up as 52.944. Why is there this discrepancy?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Are there any Sold or Removed transactions  for this securty that would account for the missing .399 shares?

    Or perhaps there is a hidden Placeholder for this security. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions and make sure "Show hidden transacrions" is checked, then look for one or more transactions with a gray background and an Action type of Entry.

    In the Account Overview (Holdings) view, you can set the As of date back in time to see when the discrepancy occurred, then look in the Transaction list (register) to see if there are any suspect transactions around that date.
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  • f_stopblues
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    Thanks for your help. I understand what you are trying to suggest, but it is not the case of a hidden transaction or placeholder. Each lot amount is correct, and matches with a corresponding transaction in the account register, except for the very first lot. The difference is .399 shares. I "edit" that transaction, so that the total shares is 53.343, but once it is edited, the "Transaction Amount" in the register shows up as 53.343, but the lot shows up at 52.944. Still clueless
  • f_stopblues
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    Welp, that fixed it. Not sure what the cause of it was. But thanks for the suggestion!
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