What reports does Quicken Deluxe provide

I have H & B and want to downgrade to Deluxe .version


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    I am not aware of a list of reports, but obviously you will lose business-related Reports and reports included with Premier.  The Premier reports not in basic have to do with capital gain estimates for sales scenarios as I recall.  If you no longer need business reports then I believe Deluxe is typically more than enough for most investors...and if you wind up wanting something from Premier you can always upgrade at that time.
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  • fritzfield
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    I just need a basic P/L or inflow/outflow report. Are all the Categories/Payees I used in H&B transferred from H&B to Deluxe? If so, I only need Deluxe and none of the bells and whistles of H&B, which I only started using in 2017 and which expires in April 2020.
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    The H&B - related accounts and transactions will be available in Deluxe, but you won't be able to use the H&B accounts and functions to record new customer invoice transactions, for example.
    But you'll still be able to review transaction reports including H&B transactions, should you need to look up an old customer's records.
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    Specific to Reports and using the Reports drop down, you'll lose:
    • Tax - Schedules A, B, D (only available with Premier and above)
    • Business  - All reports unless they are also listed somewhere else, like Tax Schedule and Cash Flow are listed
    • I suspect Profit/Loss Comparison report will be gone (it is under Business and Comparison)
    • Credit Score reports (only available with Premier and above).
    I am not sure what happens with your saved reports.  It may be that they can be viewed but not updated or customized.  Since your accounts and categories will still be there, you should be able to essentially duplicate any lost reports.  Profit/Loss is not really different than Income/Expense.  

  • fritzfield
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    Thank You. Deluxe it is.
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    Also no Portfolio X-ray or "Buy and Hold" analysis in Deluxe.
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