Autofill Doesn't Work as Expected

In Q2007 Autofill worked to find the most recent matching transaction and when I hit return, the whole transaction was filled in, including notes, comments, and amount. Q2019 seemed to be doing that, but now it fills in only the payee and category. Notes and amount don't get filled in -- useful information that I now have to search for. And now Autofill gives me many options, not just the most recent match. I have to pick from a list and I often can't figure out what the difference between items is. Does anybody know what has changed? This used to be very simple. It is now complicated and error prone.

Many thanks to anyone who can throw some light on this.

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  • Steve29
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    Okay, now I see it -- this is new with 5.14
    "5.14 will no longer automatically save the transaction's tags, memo, or amounts because these tend to be specific to a particular transaction. However, if you want a tag, memo, or amount to always be associated with a payee you can add this to the QuickFill rule using Payees & Rules under the Window menu."

    This is emphatically worse. I don't want a permanent memo that is true for the transaction every time, I want the Quicken to fill with data *from the previous transaction* every time.

    The only solution I see is to re-memorize every transaction. I'm not even sure how to do that, but it sure seems like a waste of time.

    Any suggestions, anybody?
  • Steve29
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    Okay, many thanks. I just posted a couple of comments to that thread.
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