How do I sync my laptop with my desktop?

I set up Quicken on my iMac. My MacBook Pro latched onto a data file that is a year out dated. How do I get the same setup on both computers and keep them synched?

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    Thanks for the rapid response. To be honest, I had not even looked at “Quicken on the Web” before reading your response. I had already moved my Quicken data file to my iCloud account so both of my computers could access it. I did not have any problems for this brief period. After reading your comments however, I put it back on my desktop.

    Quicken makes it easy to move your data file. It does not however make it easy to return it to the default location. I am not familiar enough with the Mac OS to start delving into invisible folders. It now resides in a “Quicken Data” folder
    Within my documents folder.

    Ideally Quicken Mobile and Quicken on the Web would be indistinguishable from Quicken. Maybe future iterations will get closer to that.

    One thing about Quicken Mobile that I like is that the “Securities” view consolidates stocks in different accounts and gives a summery of how many shares of each stock I own. (Retirement account, non-retirement account and inherited account)

    Anyway, Thanks again for your help.
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