Bug? Lifetime Planner Spouse Benefit Incorrectly Reflected in Planning Assumptions.

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A couple of strange LTP problems arose while helping another user wrt future home buys and sells in LTP.  Using QW HBR R24.11

2 issues came up.  The first one magically solved itself after a couple of hours of testing yesterday.  I say magically, as all the stuff I did, did not fix the error. (validation, super validation, new test file, reinstall app, registry, app data folder scrubs).   It wasn't until after many, many SS benefit adjustments later (repeating the insanity), that it started to work correctly - that is,  the figure I enter for our SS benefits are correctly reflected in the plan graph and the plan table.   The first issue is further described below # 1.  Sounds like a file corruption issue at first, but a new *.qdf file did not solve the issue however....

1.  While setting SS benefits to $0 for self and spouse, I found that in the plan summary tables, spouse's benefit DID NOT get set to $0 but seemed "stuck" at her original value at the original time that she elected to take benefits.  This "stuck" value reflected itself in the benefit plan tables.   However, my (self) figure was correct ($0).  BUT, since spouse's SS benefit incorrectly reflected her prior value (the stuck value), I now received the "spousal" benefit!  End Result....even though the SS benefit assumption were set at $0, we still received SS Benefits in the plan, and as such, the plan was wildly incorrect.

2.  Related to issue #1....Now that issue #1 has somehow resolved itself...I now find that in entering SS benefit for spouse in the Retirement Benefits dialog, the figure is correctly reflected in the plan results but not correctly reflected in the LTP main assumptions dialog (Image).    Haven't been able to resolve this.    For sure, less of the problem than #1.  But still a problem.

Seems like a long term issue has reappeared (for me) as it was reported and seemed to be fixed after Quicken "cleaned up" how SS benefits were "estimated" using their 3rd party tools.    Seems like it jumped back on my radar sometime after first of the year when I make adjustments to SS benefits et al in LTP.

Sent a report via the app and referenced this post.

Anyone else seeing odd behavior again with spouse SS benefits in LTP?


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    No issue like that for me now.  I remember seeing an issue like that for me years ago when I let LTP estimate our SS benefits.  Quicken Support asked me to upload a file so they could see what was happening and I never heard anything more about it. 
    A little while later there was a revision update but the problem was still present so I  clicked on "Explore What If", deleted all SS data (starting ages and benefits) for both of us and then clicked on "Save What If as Plan".  Then I opened "Explore What If", again, manually entered the starting ages and benefits for both of us and clicked on "Save What If as Plan" and the problem went away. 
    I don't know if it was fixed with the revision upgrade or by my deletion of the data, saving it and then re-entering that data that fixed the problem but since then I haven't let Quicken estimate for me and haven't seen the issue reemerge. 

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