Wageworks - transaction download & add account no longer working. Hystrix error.

Wageworks (HSA) transaction download was working perfectly for me (Mac, subscription) until about Jan 1 2020. Since then, I get continued to get an error saying "The WageWorks website may be down". The Wageworks site is not down. I can logon with the same credentials and review my account and transactions directly on their website.

So, I deactivated transaction download in Quicken and then tried to re-setup transaction downloads. Now, I cannot even add my Wageworks account and it gives me a Hystrix error again. I've copied the non-personal portion of the error below and X'd out some numbers that may be personal. I don't see a way to add the screenshot from the UI in this forum, which would be helpful.

The text of the error dialog box says: "Hystrix:: Hystrix Command Timeout Occurred while executing request for InstitutionId=12829. Please verify that you can connect to your bank and navigate until you can see your most recent transactions." At the bottom of the dialog box, it says (AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (FI_TIMEOUT:ccscrape.102)

I see reports of similar (not the same) issues with Wageworks in the Windows forums. Wageworks download is not "crashing" Quicken Mac. It seems that the Hystrix method of communication with Wageworks is no longer working, and it's not just me. It could be a network/firewall/port configuration on your end causing a timeout. The "timeout" occurs quickly, in under 5 seconds, so I don't know that your service is even connecting to Wageworks. All of my other transaction downloads work fine.

Please fix this. The constant issues with transaction downloads (Wageworks, Target, Macy's, banks with MFA) are wearing on this 30 year customer.


errors count: 1

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
error #1
level: 4 (Debug = 0, Critical = 6)

add account error

Try again later.

system description:
institution login: can't setup (aggregator error)

BID: xxxxx

FI name: WageWorks

"code" : 200,
"resource" : {
"status" : "UPDATED",
"id" : "xxxxxxxxxxx",
"clientId" : "xxxxxxxx",
"pollingReference" : "\/institution-logins\/xxxxxxx\/poll"

poll response:
"aggregators" : [
"cpAggStatusDetail" : "Hystrix:: Hystrix Command Timeout Occured while executing request for InstitutionId=12829",
"isProcessing" : false,
"aggStatus" : "FI_TIMEOUT",
"cpAggStatusCode" : "ccscrape.102"
"institutionLoginId" : "xxxxxxxxxxxx",
"isProcessing" : false,

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  • doug_maltby
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    Ok, thanks for the quick reply. I thought Quicken had support representation here on the community forums, at least reviewing hot topics. I'm not optimistic it'll be a valuable use of time, but thanks for the link. It looks like Mac support is tagged "OS X": https://www.quicken.com/support#osx
  • NotACPA
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    I hadn't noticed that you're running QMac.  You're correct about that Support URL.
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  • s2kdriver
    s2kdriver Member ✭✭
    I am facing the identical Hystrix error issue with Rogers Bank in Canada - I am also using Quicken Mac. My last successful transaction download occurred on Jan 11th. Ever since then I cannot connect. My login credentials are correct and I can login into the bank's web site with no issues. Something has obviously changed with Quicken's backend connection services since this seems to be affecting multiple financial institutions.
  • Add Citizens One Home Mortgage to the list & also around Jan 11th and using a Mac. I can log into web with no issues.
  • vzrq1hb
    vzrq1hb Member
    Same issue here for Simmons Bank. Using Quicken for Mac. Last successful download was 12/30/2019.
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