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Since latest update r24.11 Quicken will not save new entries (downloads, manual, etc)

:'( One week ago I downloaded the latest update to Quicken R24.11. new entries will not save. New manual entries will disappear the next time I open Quicken, new Accepted transactions that matched will disappear, some will show as N/A in register and most will not return once I restart Quicken. I'll open the file and watch as the totals in the side bar change magically as transactions are disappearing from various accounts. Old data remains, new data does not. Help ...

Validating data doesn't help. I restored various previous versions and they all eventually succumb to this. Reinstalled Mondo Patch. Super Validated data. Nothing works.

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  • jrf40
    jrf40 Member ✭✭
    Thanks. I'll try that and see if it makes a difference.
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