How to change a credit card number

My credit card was stolen and I have a new one on the same account with a different number. I don't want to close the account in Quicken (the balance will revert to $0) I tried to reset the account. The new number shows up but I get a connectivity error message that tells me to try back in a few days!! I'm pretty sure it isn't a connectivity issue--all my other accounts (including another with the same bank) are working and I have no trouble getting into my account through the bank's website. Advice?

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  • NotACPA
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    Disconnect the existing account from download. Exit Q and restart Q.  Edit the card account to put in the new number and re-activate.
    Also, what Q product and what BUILD of Q are you running?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    What's the specific error code and message that you're getting, and what BANK issued the card?

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  • betsydf
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    Thanks for your message. If I disconnect the existing card will it save the data from the old number?

    I'm using Quicken 2020 R24.11
    The error message, after I choose the new credit card number while using the "troubleshooting" option says something like "There's a connectivity issue. Please try back in a couple of days." I have and it isn't fixed. It's a Chase Bank card.
  • Anne B
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    I just want to add that during the activation process the default option is to Add a new account, but there is also the option to link to an existing account Be sure to choose that option. It then works perfectly and the new account number transactions get merged to the old account. (it said it downloaded transactions for the last 5324 days but really only the new transactions were shown on the download window. Success!
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