How to force Deposits to be positive amounts

When I enter a DEPOSIT transaction in my check register, it always defaults to a negative amount. I need to edit the amount cell to change it. Surely Quicken is smart enough to realize that a deposit is a positive amount.

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You can create/enter anything you want into the (optional) Action column (Deposit, ATM, EFT, etc.), and as you found, Quicken won't decipher if this is a cash inflow/outflow. It will do that based on the Category being setup as income or expense when entering a new (unique) payee.

    Older versions of QMac will base the sign of the Amount (and other fields) via QuickFill of the last used transaction for that payee. The latest version of Quicken (5.14) will use Payee information and (memorized) QuickFill rules to populate the Amount field. You can alter/edit rules if needed in the Payee list. The Payee/Category is what will determine the default sign.
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