Do I have to purchase the investment module?

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I would like to keep track of my investments. When I go into the dashboard it says I do not have any investments linked. How do I go about doing this, not seeing an option. Do I need to purchase the module? I don't want to receive analysis or suggestions, just want to keep track of what I have.


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    What version of Quicken do you have? Quicken Mac Starter Edition does not support investments; Quicken Mac Deluxe and Premier do. There is no "investment module." There is also not a "dashboard" in Quicken Mac, so I'm not sure what you're referring to.
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    I started using Quicken last Spring. Wasn't able to keep using it. I now have a new Mac and am using Quicken Deluxe 2020 version 5.14.2 . I downloaded Quicken to my new mac and was hoping the files I used last spring would update to it. I searched my computer for Quicken files. Found a "Backup (automatic) 2019-05-25. Clicked on this and it seems to have restored my data. Whew! So question is: is the investment portion of Quicken an additional module that needs to be purchased? If so, once it is purchased does it integrate into the same application?
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    I think I got it. Just needed to become more familiar with the program. Thank you
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