Difference between Budget Planner Display and Budget Report

Using Windows 10 and 2020Q, Version 23.14. I created a new 2020 Budget in the Planning Window, and have my Categories set up to my satisfaction. On the Planning Screen, the Budget Expenses for Jan show as $7397, and the Actual Expenses for Jan show as $6848.

I click Reports > Current Budget and see, in the Report box, Budget Expenses = $6919, and Actual Expenses = $6136. Why are the values in the Report not what shows in the Budget Planning Screen? What basic fact about the calculations am I missing?

I have other budget report questions, but figure that I need to understand this basic difference before asking for help on other report mysteries, er, questions.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Ken45140
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    Many thanks @Sherlock AND @Scooterlam. It was a combination of getting rid of all reminders (I have had them listed for years but never used them and never took the time to delete them). Also Year to Date changed to Monthly Date Range gave me an exact match. Not sure what I will do to produce an "accurate" report when there will be two or more months in the 2020 data. As I am wanting to observe budget status before a month is over (including cumulative "Balance"), then I guess the report will be accurate, being "prorated" as @Scooterlam is saying. Many thanks for helping me.
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