How do I link a downloaded transaction (multiple check deposit) to four new invoices?

I'm new to Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property and I'm trying to apply a previously downloaded deposit to four new invoices. When I "Receive Payment" for the invoices, it adds the amounts to the checking account which already has the deposit, so I'm duplicating the deposit. Is there a way to designate the invoices as "Paid" and correct my A/R list without adding the amounts to my checking account?

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  • Bob G
    Bob G Member ✭✭
    yes, and what when you move into the 21st century and don't receive checks, but the money goes straight into your bank account by wire transfer. Sounds like using your approach the "holding account" simply becomes a dumping ground to net out the AR, as any attempt to use the "Receive Payment" button creates a new transaction … there being no way to link to a payment already showing up in your bank account. And, just to add, the way I know that my invoice has been paid is ….. the amount showing up in my bank account.
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