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I have an established investment account (457) that has been active for 4 years. About six months ago, I inadvertantly deleted a downloaded transaction but somehow it is still listed as outstanding in the account. I re-entered the transaction manually but the account remains flagged in the account list and if you pull up the account holdings window it still shows 1 transaction to compare in the status section, even though none is displayed or discoverable (i.e. no transactions are hidden).

I haven't been able to find any way of deleting the flag or eliminating the spurious entry in the account status table. I have since rolled over the account to an IRA and would like to close this troublesome account with a permanent red flag but Quicken will not close the account with the outstanding transaction still flagged.

I am a twenty-year user of Quicken and have worked through numerous previous issues but this one has me frustrated. Any ideas?

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