Budget Actuals Incorrect for Paychecks

Hello, I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2020 R24.11 Build

Instead of budgeting tax and other deduction categories individually along with my income, I've decided to switch to "Paychecks" to budget the net salary. Unfortunately, I'm finding that the actual amount listed does not match the totals for that category (i.e. if I click on the actual amount, a pop-up shows all the transactions, but the total does not match).

I'm budgeting using an "Annual View" showing "Details". For "Budget Actions | View options", I have all checkboxes unchecked including "Include reminders".

Any ideas? If I can't this fixed, I'll either need to budget gross income and all deductions categories, or just take out the income and make this into an expense budget.

Thank you in advance!


  • TargetShopper
    From a different discussion, I've tried to quit and restart Quicken, and perform a file validation, but neither of those worked for me:

    > @Zukpr said:
    > It's common for me to update the registers and then look at the "Planning" tab to see the budgeted amounts and actual charges for different categories. It is often the case the the balance in the "Actuals" column is in correct. If I click on the value (hyperlinked in blue) and see a list of transactions, that total is correct. But it doesn't match up with what is listed in the column.
    > If I quit and restart quicken, then the actual balances are correct. What I can do besides restarting quicken to make these balances correct?
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    Hello @TargetShopper

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    At this time I would recommend contacting support directly for further assistance.


    Quicken Care has the ability to initiate a screen share to view the problem in real-time to help find a solution.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

  • TargetShopper
    Thanks. After a session with support. It looks like the After-Tax Deductions in my paycheck were what was doubling or not being accounted for properly in the actuals. I was advised to delete the "offending" categories and re-add -- sounds pretty extreme, but I will give it a shot later and advise.
  • TargetShopper
    So, I created new, replacement categories, deleted the old categories and recategorized the "bad" categories to the new ones, and that partially fixed the issue. The problem I have now is that there is also an ESPP transfer to a brokerage account that I cannot recategorize. If I transfer to another account, the totals are correct. I find this extremely silly that I have to go through such lengths to fix a CALCULATION ERROR in Quicken. Anyway, if I ever figure out the work-around, I'll post. Thanks!
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