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Is there a way to change Mortgage Split category from Loans:Loan Interest?

I read this (closed) thread:
And it partially addressed my problem. I used Q2007 for a decade+ and always had my mortgage interest categorized as "Mortgage Interest". Q2020Mac seemed to import those accounts correctly but I keep having issues when manually entering the mortgage payment in my checking register, instead of the correct (amortized) division of principal+interest, it was just showing the same (memorized?) amounts every month. I see if I set up the "Bill Reminder" feature for the Mortgage Loan account (which I hadn't done because it seemed like extra work/complication) as discussed in the previous thread, it does handle the changing amounts of principal+interest correctly. HOWEVER, Quicken wants to put the Interest in category "Loans:Loan Interest". I don't want this because I used the "Mortgage Interest" category at tax time. Is there any way to change this? I tried going into the Bill Reminder for the loan, etc, and adjusting the Splits, but they are greyed out. The only thing it will let me do is add a Tag. Which I suppose is one alternative, I can just make a Tag called Mortgage Interest, but then I will also need to re-do my Reports which were based on Category "Mortgage Interest". This transition from Q2007 to Q2018/19/20 has been so much time and energy... every time I sit down to do my finances I come across yet something else that is "messed up" and I need to re-figure out how to make it work.

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  • Brad1
    Brad1 Member ✭✭
    Ok this works but the behavior of the amortization is still wonky in this new version of Quicken. I can prove this because just prior to transitioning from Q2007 I made sure to print the remaining payment schedules for all my loans. When I compare that to what I see in Quicken 2020, the amounts are slightly different. This should not be. I routinely have to edit the amounts, which kind of defeats the purpose of Quicken being "smart" about amortized loans. At some point it is just easier for me to manually enter everything according to the original payment/amortization schedule (I don't make extra payments or make them early etc.)
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