Best way to record Mortgage Payments in QMac 2019?

Hey gang-

Quicken Mac user since the 90s. Made the plunge this week from Quicken Mac 2007 to Quicken Mac Premier 2019. All in all it's gone well.

But I am stumped as to how to record a Mortgage payment. QMac 2019 remembers my Quickfill split transaction from QMac 2007 which is great. But when I enter it in my Checking Register, it is not credited in my Mortgage Payment schedule. In fact, what it does as shows the entire thing as an Extra Principal payment.

I checked the Categories in the split transaction and they appear correct for Mortage Interest, [Mortgage] principal, property tax, and insurance.

Is there a better way to initiate a Mortgage payment- perhaps from the Mortgage pane itself?

This was so simple in QMac 2007 I'm sure I'm just looking at it backward or something LOL!


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  • Dave461
    Dave461 Member ✭✭✭

    OMG thank you! That did it!

    Actually there was one additional glitch, but a close reading of your reply fixed that as well. I set up the Detailed Reminder as you said. It seemed to work perfectly, except that it was crediting my Interest payment as Extra Principal on my Payment Schedule.

    So I looked again closely at your reply and saw that your split sends Interest Payments to Loans:Loan Interest. I had set mine up to use the same category I had used for years in Quicken Mac 2007 i.e. Mortage Interest.

    But just for grins, I changed the split in Loan and Payment Terms to send Interest to Loans:Loan Interest and that fixed it!

    Even nicer is that Quicken recognized the matching downloaded transaction in my checking account and applied it to my Mortgage.

    Thanks again so much!

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