What is a membership upgrade & why am I losing functionality?

I received an email saying that I would no longer be able to download transactions unless I upgraded my membership. What membership? This software is useless to me if I cannot download transactions. I paid for this software, and now I'm required to pay extra or lose a critical functionality? Will someone explain this to me, please?


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    It sounds like you're running QW2017.  Per the terms of the End User License Agreement, ALL ability to download into that product ends on 4/30/20.
    You CAN continue to run QW2017, but any downloads (transactions, product updates, quotes, etc) end.
    And, you did NOT "pay for this software".  You paid for a license to run Q subject to the EULA.  You agreed to this EULA when you installed Q.  Had you NOT agreed, Q would not have installed.
    Here's the discontinuation policy which, again, you already agreed to: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-discontinuation-policy

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    Well, pardon me for not stating precisely what I paid for. I expected a more polite answer.
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    You paid for the software and support of the online access feature for a period of 3 years.  After that 3 year period, you can continue to use the software, but the online feature will be restricted....
    The current "subscription" model of software deployment changes from a 3 year span to a 1 year span....
    Several software companies have started migrating to this "subscription" model.

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